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Mobility Classes

What do we mean when we talk about mobility? In this case we are referring to the mobility as the body's ability to use its muscular system to move its joints in a smooth pain free and completes ranges of motion.

Assisted by the pulling or pushing of our muscles, our joints should move in a smooth precises order and pattern. Our body's joint mobility is constantly being called upon to some degree while assisting us ub every physical task we perform, should it be a sporting action such as hitting a baseball or a simple everyday activity like getting out of the chair.

As we age this kind of mobility can decrease for a number or reasons, some of the most common being muscle imbalance or weakness, inactivity, poor posture or arthritis in the joint itself. Whatever one of the challenges we are talking of, there are a nuymber of proven stratgies to regain or at least improve the joints mobility.

Why is maintaining mobility in seniors so important? If mobility is compromised in some way it can set off a negative downward spiral, whihc often leads to inefficient movement patterns that will require much more energy from the seniors while they are performing simple daily tasks. Eeven worse by repeating these improper movement patters, pain amy occur in the joint, muscles or both.

Think of the consequence of this pain or extra effort. Being active becomes a much bigger chore, so you start to move less, with less movement the symptoms worsen. Sooner or later when the symptoms worsen we avoid social activities and simple daily chores, simply to avoid the pain or effort of movement. Obviously the above mentioned scenario has a negative effect on both the senior's independence and social life, thus increasing the risk of isolation. Even worse many seniors suffering from mobility problems report a feeling of being over whelmed or a sense of depression.

While you cannot blame all feelings of depression or feelings of being overwhelmed on issues associated with mobility, many people who suffer from mobility issuses reports having these symptoms. It is believed some of these emotional issues stem from daily and repeated anticipation of physical pain or discomfort while going about their daily routines.

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